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Meet the duckies

Keitha Struthers

South Africa

I am a South African architect, who has been twisting and bending roofs and wooden beams since 1984. I work with sculptural architecture, on the understanding that buildings are the medium to express what really matters: the human experience. In 2003 I founded KSStudios (formerly NaturalsCool) to teach sculptural architecture to qualified architects and have been offering courses in South Africa, Brazil, Chile and Namibia. And now globally online! My focus is on supporting personal development through practice.

Gabriela Ventapane


I am a Brazilian architect, post-graduated in pedagogical processes for teaching and learning architecture.           I have been working with Keith since 2017, inventing and creating new possibilities for KS Studios, whether in South Africa or in Brazil! I really believe in the social and transformative power of architecture. And even more in the combo: architecture + education! Education encourages the construction of critical thinking – and only then it will be possible to build more creative, inclusive and human contexts for all.aa

Amien Paleker

South Africa

I first started here at the turn of the millennia as a second year technikon student. After completing my studies and working with many other architects’ from medium to large practices and high end residential, commercial, industrial, retail and  urban design in gated communities. Even though it was a major learning curve working in all those disciplines, the experience flatlined – literally, it became unsatisfactory producing variations of boxes. I returned to Natural Architecture where there is a heartbeat producing sculptural buildings.