In flight everywhere

Allan Steyn

Johannesburg, South Africa | Module 1

“The course has a great balance between technically informed presentations and exercises, creative self-challenges and personal reflections and sharing. I highly recommend doing the course.”

Lyn Moyo

Johannesburg, South Africa | Module 1

“This course might be one of the pivotal moments in my career. It balances creativity, technical knowledge and introspection. Oh, and I just made new friends. I’ll be back for more.”

Carel Vos

Johannesburg, South Africa | Module 1

“I was surprised to see how easily curves can be incorporated into our existing designs.”

Theo Bothma

Johannesburg, South Africa | Module 1

“What an experience. Not only was I thrown out of my comfort zone, I was pushed to tap into who I really am again.”

Werner van der Watt

Johannesburg, South Africa | Module 1

“Sometimes we just need to stop. Think what you are doing and why. Could I be doing things  differently to make my life more enjoyable?”

Dave Hollis

Johannesburg, South Africa | Module 1

“Keith creates an atmosphere that allowed all of us to reconnect with our own personal life, our work and our colleagues. Very inspiring.”

Lawrie Liddiard

Johannesburg, South Africa | Module 1

“This is like no other CPD course. It challenges you to think, to inspire yourself and the push what you think you know about architecture. I really enjoyed it.”

Jacobus Uys

Johannesburg, South Africa | Module 1

“This is a profound paradigm-shifting course. It’s not recommended, it’s a requirement. Especially if you’re afraid of anything other than a straight line and a 90 degree angle.”

Alistair van Rooyen

Johannesburg, South Africa | Module 1

“What stood out for me was the Art of Conversation part. “Through conversations we explore life in a way neither of us can in isolation. The challenge is falling out of love with our own view and in love with the unknown.”

Kevin Coetzee

Johannesburg, South Africa | Module 1

“This is the best CPD course I’ve been on in years. It’s really fun and engaging. Design orientated and technical. A great combination! I’m definitely back for more.”

Graeme Holtzhausen

Johannesburg, South Africa | Module 1

“This course is very well planned and allowed me to look at the design process in a way that I could relate to. It confirmed my design process.”

Kim Benatar

Cape Town, South Africa | Module 1

“For a CPD course “Over the Edge” was a breath of fresh air. A wonderful, engaging and highly interactive course that will leave you thinking long after the course bell has rung.”

Hayley Bird

Cape Town, South Africa | Module 1

“A refreshingly challenging course that kept me active, engaged and interested from start to finish. Very well planned and conducted. It has me looking at just about everything from a different more exciting point of view. Looking forward to the next one.”

Vageli Zervogiannis

Durban, South Africa | Architect - Module 1

“The management of the co-operative design process was of particular interest to me, and demonstrated how carefully maintaining a delicate balance between all participants yielded surprising results and improved designs through collaboration.”

Samketi Dlamini

Johannesburg, South Africa | Module 1

“My architectural mindset has changed. And I was so happy to be with you guys!”

Simon Dahl

Cape Town, South Africa | Architect - Module 1

“I had high expectations and was not disappointed. It pushed my thinking in a new direction and I leave with an expanded architectural vocabulary, and the confidence to approach new projects with a less prescriptive method.”

Andries Samuel

Cape Town, South Africa | Architect - Module 1

“This course does not only add critical tools to your design skill, but it will also potentially re-wire your brain. The material is covered thoroughly and the practical exercises are a great help. Thanks, Keith and Gabi.”

Jacinta Nabukenya

Johannesburg, South Africa | Architect - Module 1

“I’ve had a design block for the past couple of years. This rut left me bored with my work and worried that I had lost my design mojo/creative edge. This course opened my eyes to; the importance of working with surfaces as opposed to edges as I was used to, the fact that curves and irregular shapes are simple and achievable once understood and how a spectrum of shape and form is actually natural and pleasant to the human experience. I feel equipped to move forward and become creative again!”

Pelasha Buzuzi

Johannesburg, South Africa | Architect - Module 1

“This workshop cultivates self-awareness as well as personal and professional growth. It reminded me of the basics that I often forget and overlook. I left the workshop with a refreshed mind and clear perspective as to what my goals are and most importantly, ready to enjoy my career!”

Renee de Waal

Cape Town, South Africa | Interior Designer - Module 1

“I feel inspired and reminded of the finer nuances of design. It was one of the most memorable courses I’ve experienced to date! Thank you to the amazing course leaders.”

Alain Briatte Mantchev

Ilhabela, Brasil | Architect - Module 1

“From now on, forms have an almost musical meaning for me. I experienced, through a precise process, that beyond each form’s function there is also inherent feeling and experiential value. The course finishes with an ‘I­ want ­more’ taste.”

Sonja Neitz

Pretoria, South Africa | Architect - Module 1 & 2

“I cannot stress enough, the positive impact this master class has had on our office, and can highly recommend it to anyone – it is money well spent.”

Gershon Mañana

Pretoria, South Africa | Architect - Module 1

“I am truly inspired to launch out into practising architecture in an inspirational way. I think a really great journey has opened up for me and my work.”

Julie Phillips

Cape Town, South Africa | Architectural Designer - Module 1 & 2

“Another wildly inspiring journey, a playful time out of my box. It is so much much more than just being about architecture. It’s a whole inner and outer journey into being human and our connection to all that is. A key to transformation.”

Adam Kwan

Johannesburg, South Africa | Exhibition Architect - Module 1

“Going over the edge is exactly what I’ve been looking for in the design industry. A sort of retreat for designers, work-shopping with others (from different disciplines) and experiencing hands on practical concepts has reaffirmed how essential the basics are. Looking forward to the next module!”

Vongai Pasirayi

Gauteng, South Africa | Architect - Module 1

“A reviving and confidence building process which opened up my mind to a world of alternative and dynamic design possibilities and design tools. I feel released from a static approach to design and awakened to a meaningful exploration of form and ideas. I am confident once again to use sensitivity and non-conventional methods to arrive at creative solutions.”

Werner van der Meulen

Johannesburg, South Africa | Architect - Module 1

“It’s one of the best architecture courses I’ve been on to date. It has really taken me out of my comfort zone and nudged me to look at the way I’m doing things from a new perspective. For that alone, this course is priceless.”

Francesca Ferranti

Rome, Italy | Architect - Module 1

“A surreal and amazing course. Look at the reality that surrounds us to discover ourselves and how our life can be influenced by the spaces in which we live. Knowing and recognizing shapes and how they change us is essential for us architects. Trust and let yourself be surprised.”

Hennie Oosthuysen

Johannesburg, South Africa | Architect - Module 1

“I cannot express what this course has meant to me. I came with one expectation and that was surpassed to the extent that I would call it life changing. From now on, I will face life and work challenges with an open mind and an attitude of anything is possible. This course was worth so much more than I paid for it.”

Anton de Kock

Cape Town, South Africa | Architect - Module 1

“The course made me realize how little I really know. Apart from learning new words, which I never knew existed, I learnt that as an architect I have been inadequately equipped to appreciate, describe, document and use a broad range of surfaces and shapes- specifically curved and warped surfaces. We often fall back on what is easy. What we know and what isn’t challenging. Using and describing curved and complex surfaces in architecture is perceived to be difficult. The course equipped me with the understanding and knowledge required to make complex shapes part of my everyday ‘vocabulary’ of design.”