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We offer Live-Online and Face-to-face courses on Sculptural Architecture and Design.  

They’re interactive, inspiring and have shifted and sizzled the lives of hundreds of architects and designers from many countries.

They’ll rocket your creativity into orbit.
  You’ll have innovation at your finger tips

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KS Studios


Our aspiration as architects is not to copy nature but to design as nature would. To bring warmth, light, movement and life to the places we inhabit.

For example, when a flat surface shifts off square, or it warps gently or bends elegantly, it feels alive. And you feel enlivened when you see it. Nature is replete with  living movement.

It’s the beauty of these forms that rejuvenate us and give us a sense of joy, even optimism.

Our intention is to support the dignity and elegance of the human being. We would like our buildings nourish the most noble aspects of your being. 


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