Designing Sculptural Buildings

Over The Edge


STARTING: September 11th  |   ENDING: October 30th

on Wednesdays, 16:00h – 18:30h, via Zoom
(SA time zone, GMT+2)    

Our “Over the Edge” Online Architecture Course makes designing sculptural buildings with straights and curves possible. We keep you mentally and emotionally engaged from the get-go to the very end. We connect as fellow designers in large and small groups, and one-to-one: sharing ideas, insights and stories! It’s challenging, varied, detailed and we’ll be with you all the way.

You’ll need a stable Internet connection to join our Zoom classroom! Join us now!

Our architecture course is accredited by SACAP as a 4CPD’s course, Category 1. 

For foreign countries, participants can get 40 credits (Equivalent UIA CPD credit value) or the respective credits according to the institution responsible for Continuing Professional Development system in the country.

Course themes

When designing we conventionally outline surfaces, so our design method is primarily conceptual not perceptual, ideas not visual experience. This is fine for buildings composed of flat surfaces arranged orthogonally, but is it adequate for sculptural architecture?  Answering this question is fundamental to our design methodology. In this session we re-exam the limits of current design methodology, in the light of sculptural forms.

Becoming surface literate is essential to understanding and design sculptural forms. We’ll be bringing the flat slab to life by presenting a full lexicon of singly and doubly curved surfaces – an essential understanding to documenting and construction.
The challenging task of experiencing how the form affects feelings. The idea that “Form follows function” is pragmatic and widespread but omits the most important quality of architecture: humanness. Comprehending the psychological experience of forms in relation to feelings, including the experiential distinction between rectilinear and curvilinear forms, which is equivalent to the difference between a major and minor scale in music.
How to clearly document irregular plans for the contractor? Your builder won’t go around the bend when your drawings are around the bend. Techniques to document irregular shapes: one of the limits preventing architects from designing organic forms. We want you to be able to translate your creative design in an understandable and buildable way for the contractor to construct accurately. We take the guessing work out of building dynamic and irregular shapes.
Taking the previous session a bit further, from 2D to 3D! Learning techniques for documenting in elevation, in volumes and with irregularly warped surfaces, including synclastic and anticlastic surfaces.
Designing sculptural buildings is super cool, BUT how can I apply it to real life: with bricks, wood, and concrete? Getting real about getting it together. Practical design session, detailing for construction of non-orthogonal forms
This is a design session: final project begins and before we document it we will take your creativity to the next level! Humanising the building by treating it as a personality; followed by clarifying a palette of materials and forms appropriate to the function and feeling of the project and spontaneously design in 3D. And a million-dollar question: How to design co-operatively giving feedback without criticism but adding and complimenting the process with further creative input as opposed to analysis and criticism?
Time to wrap up. Let’s revise the whole content learned so far, share impressions, insights and think about ways to move forward and together. With this range of tools and a clear sense of direction the architectural world is your creative oyster! 

Over the Edge

Starting: September 11th, 2024
Ending: October 30th, 2024
Wednesdays, 16:00-18:30h
(SA Time, GMT + 2)

Payment options

Our architecture course is SACAP accredited (3CPD’s, Category 1).
For foreign countries, participants can get 60 credits (Equivalent UIA CPD credit value) or the respective credits according to the institution responsible for Continuing Professional Development system in the country.


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