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STARTING: June 5th   |   ENDING: June 26th

on Wednesdays, 16:00h – 18:30h, via Zoom
(SA time zone, GMT+2)    

Designing Creatively with Daylight is an artistic and practical live-online course on refining the aesthetic perception and appreciation of the interplay of light and shadow in buildings.

During 4 weekly Zoom sessions, participants will be invited to awaken their sensitivity to the subtleties and complexity of the theme by fully understanding the differences and nuances of light and darkness; the quality of the natural light obtained from different sources and how to use that in favor of the user experience. Lastly, we’ll be working with a design methodology that can be applied in real contexts, addressing issues in different sites, under different conditions.

The Cape Institute for Architecture has assessed and validated this Category One CPD Activity. This course carries 3.0 CPD credits.

Course themes

How do you experience light and darkness? How does it affect us?

This session is about awakening your sensitivity and developing your appreciation of the subtleties and complexity of the interplay of light and shadow.

What is alive for you when designing a space? Too bright, too dark and the ways’ in between…how to configure the overall massing of a building to optimize natural light in the spaces.

We look at how planning the natural light incidence in a project can go beyond the idea of where to place doors and windows. We want you to refine your ability to design with the light and fully understand why you are doing what you are doing.

In this session we’ll examine how light can be direct, filtered, bounced or borrowed, the different kinds of edges of light and shadows, and how to analyse a design to best make use of these qualities. Also, how daylight migrates through the building throughout the day in subtle ways. We’ll be working with a design sequence to support you to develop your perception of the quality of daylight and to create the experience you are looking for.

It is time to pull it all together with a project!

Everyone will be sharing their final projects, insights, share insights and a short recap from the whole course. We will also have a self-reflective session on how do understand projection and working with our own shadow.
And the not to be missed inspiring and innovative ways of working with daylight in an artistic way. It is not only about efficiency, it is also about aesthetics, art and the human experience.


Designing Creatively with Daylight

Starting: June 5th, 2024
Ending: June 26th, 2024
Wednesdays, 16:00-18:30h
(SA Time, GMT + 2)

Payment options

Our architecture course is SACAP accredited (3CPD’s, Category 1).
For foreign countries, participants can get 30 credits (Equivalent UIA CPD credit value) or the respective credits according to the institution responsible for Continuing Professional Development system in the country.


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