KS Studios

If you think about architecture for a moment;
 the end product is not the building,
but how the building shapes
our thinking, our moods and our behaviour.
 What we’re really designing, 
are human experiences. 

We’re Cape Town based with decades of experience designing homes, housing developments, commercial mixed use developments, therapy centres, schools,
…with flair, originality and a touch of humour.

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Our magic is taking you by surprise with something unexpected!

Dancing Hall

Mozart’s music drifts, almost whimsically, through the wide front door while the building dances with the dancers. The brickwork flows with seeming abandon, quite unaware of need to arrange itself in regimented right angles and horizontal planes. The flat, singly and doubly curved surfaces create a warm safe place, carefully orchestrated, like an experienced schoolteacher […]

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Farmer Angus and Mariota

Project Spier Farm, Stellenbosch, South Africa ‘Darling, is this flower arrangement really our roof?’. The temperature outside is 46 degrees centigrade and inside 23 degrees without air-conditioning, and that’s not because the thermometer’s broken. Thick clay walls, lime plaster hot hydrated on-site, natural casein paints all to regulate the relative air humidity for an ideal […]

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The Village Aparment

Project Hout Bay, Cape Town The brick work of the party walls between the 68 apartments gently swing into double conoid twists about half way along, with a shelf at waist height for a vase of red roses or a desert crystal. This is but one of this building’s unique features. It’s not something we […]

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The Boat House

Project Simonstown, Cape Town South Africa The double story glass pivot door swings open and clips to the pergola upright giving the bedroom at the back clear sight of the seascape and distant hills. The winter sun streams through the expansive front glazing, while the summer sun gets entangled in the creeper growth over the […]

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