KS Studios

If you’re an architect or designer wanting to live a meaningful life then the aesthetic quality of your work, and the range of your creative ability is a critical aspect of your craft.

Almost all designers work with forms that have a sculptural quality…boats, cars, shoes, furniture, light fittings…the list is endless. As an architect or designer it’s critical to be up to speed with the changing times and be able to design sculptural buildings. This is the fast emerging direction of architecture globally.

Our courses are designed to specifically meet your need to achieve this… the principles are the same, from renovating an apartment to designing a large commercial building.

The central themes’ weaving through our full roast flavoured Master Classes are:
Increase your range of expression to include refined sculptural forms
Your palette of expression becomes unlimited when creating with both curved and flat surfaces. By working hands-on with physical models, actual surfaces and with computers, your designs become uniquely lively.
Who you are as an individual colours how and what you design
Your development as a creative designer and as an individual are inter-dependent. To make any real creative progress you need to school and nurture both in tandem.
Meaningful works dance seamlessly between individual expression inspired by the universal principles
Our individual capacities can gradually evolve, whereas universal principles are more long term. By including both influences in our creative work we can intentionally refine and deepen our contribution to culture.
What’s alive during the architectural process directly influences the inhabitants
Comprehending the creative process itself is often the unobserved element in our design process. Through being aware of this you can begin to fashion your designs in the best interests of others.
Our insightful and innovative courses are directly related to your creative practice and everyday life
… it’s a chance to up-skill yourself. To freshen up your design abilities so you can find new ways to produce genuinely original works, …to see yourself from a different place, to share, be expressive, laugh freely, and to come to a different understanding of what you’re designing. We’ve attracted a host of deeply satisfied participants who‘ve joined our growing community of creative designers.