Towerland Mountain Retreat

Chalets, main center and private dwelling
Herbertsdale, South Africa

“I’m really wanting to tell you that this is the most sublime home, that I could ever possibly imagine – and I’m convinced there is nothing else like this in the whole world. Its so simple, so whole, so generous, so utterly exquisite, so natural, so soft, so secure, it is both so grounded and solid, on the one hand, and it positively floats, like a flying carpet, like a hot air balloon, on the other. Its hovers dreamlike above the rolling plains below, and it nestles snugly into the mountainside above. It has both grandeur and an endearing intimacy. It is spectacular and utterly humble, it flows and curves like a river, and is settled as a rock. It is, most clearly of all, a place for conversation, contemplation, it has a profound graciousness.” Allan Kaplan, Towerland owner and the happiest client

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