Writers Paradise

Herbertsdale, South Africa

I started the design on location in a deck chair, sketching and then making a small model. We then had a bulldozer cut the levels in the slope and made a 1:1 model with upright posts set in large rock filled pots so they could be moved around. With the house in its place to scale it was easy to walk around and decide exactly where the windows are positioned to optimize the views of particular features, to change the shapes. We then made a large model to match the adjustments we had made on-site. The final drawings were made from the measurements taken from large model. It was only when the building was almost finished that I saw the relationship between the roofline and the mountains. This was not something premeditated. Designing on location and with actual models opens the possibility of many other influence to colour the design in a way that is both delightful and profound.

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