Farmer Angus and Mariota

Spier Farm, Stellenbosch, South Africa

‘Darling, is this flower arrangement really our roof?’. The temperature outside is 46 degrees centigrade and inside 23 degrees without air-conditioning, and that’s not because the thermometer’s broken. Thick clay walls, lime plaster hot hydrated on-site, natural casein paints all to regulate the relative air humidity for an ideal internal environment, wool insulation, planted roofs, calculated sun orientation, window shutters, high ceilings and a touch of unusual geometry to spice things up. Green architecture is more than a lifestyle choice: it’s a planetary choice.

Over the Edge

Starting: March 3rd 2021
Ending: April 21st 2021
Wednesdays, 19:30-22:00h
(SA Time, GMT + 2)

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